Jun 13, 2024

The Benefits Of Condo Living In Northern Colorado

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The Benefits Of Condo Living In Northern Colorado

A Peek into Condo Living in Northern Colorado

4 compelling reasons to live in a condo

Condominium living is a popular housing choice for first-time homebuyers, empty nesters, and everyone in between. These types of homes are easier on your budget, richer in community, and more luxurious than you ever realized!

1. Easier on Your Budget

Our condo offerings have a more affordable entry point into homeownership than single-family homes.

  • Lower Cost of the Home Itself: Condos offer a more budget-friendly entry into homeownership with a lower cost per square foot than single-family homes, making them accessible to a wider range of homebuyers.
  • Reduced Home Insurance: Your condo's insurance typically covers the interior structure and your belongings, but the exterior and common areas are insured by the condo association. This means lower insurance premiums for you!
  • Less Maintenance: One of the best features about living in a condo is the reduced maintenance burden. Landscaping, exterior maintenance, and utilities, water, and sewer are usually managed by the condo association. Get ready to spend your time unwinding instead!
  • More is Included: Our Flats come equipped with stainless steel appliances, a washer/dryer set, and blinds. See our picturesque Loveland condos near Centerra, the North Shore Flats!

  • 2. Capabilities for Equity Growth

    Even with their initial affordability, condos offer substantial equity growth over time:

  • Market Appreciation: As of 2023, 75 million U.S. residents live in community associations such as condos—that's 30% of Americans who chose condo living! These numbers will only continue increasing, (like the value of your condo) especially for homes in prime locations (like all of our condo offerings).
  • Rental Potential: Condos are an ideal property to rent out—if local regulations allow for it—contributing to the financial growth opportunities that come with homeownership.

  • 3. Luxuriate in Premium Amenities

    Shared spaces and nearby perks give you the ability to live beyond the walls of your condo.

  • Site Amenities: Some condos offer amenities like fitness centers and clubhouses, while others design business centers and outdoor recreational areas. Either way, these spaces allow you to elevate your day to day lifestyle without added effort.
  • Prime Location: Nestled in urban or suburban areas, condos put you close to shopping, dining, and entertainment hotspots. In fact, our Northfield community in Fort Collins features condominiums a mere 20-minute walk away from the heart of Old Town Fort Collins. Talk about convenience!  

  • 4. Connect with a Close-Knit Community

    Relish in the comfortability of your own space and make life-long friends at the same time!

  • Social Hot-Spots: Communal spaces like parks, gyms, swimming pools, and lounges allow you to attend fun events and  build relationships with your neighbors.
  • Proximity: Living close to others means that condos have a rich, community-oriented atmosphere, and often lead to lasting friendships. Who’s coming over for dinner tonight?

  • Our condos offer benefits that enhance any lifestyle. From vibrant communities to upscale amenities, equity growth, and affordability, they cater to a variety of homeowners’ needs and wants.

    Give the condo market a shot and you might discover your dream home. For more information about condos at Landmark Homes or to schedule a tour, call/text Kendra at 970-632-6385!