May 18, 2023

New Homes for your New Life

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New Homes for your New Life

Make a Move to Fit Your Life

There are times when life makes moving into a new home necessary. Find out how our homes can fit your new needs!

New job

Moving for a career opportunity can mean a lot of things these days. While it typically has meant moving closer to the office, work-from-home capabilities have changed everything. Finding a home that can also be your workspace can be a challenge but is one we are adept at helping with. We also build across the front range, so finding your dream home in an ideal location is our specialty.

New family

A family change can come in many forms. If you are taking over care of an elderly family, then a guest suite on the main floor may be in order. Adding a new child to your family? A separate play space could be a priority as well as finding a better school district. Thoughtful floor plans with features that make your life easier and better are what we do best.

New budget

Whether you are looking to upgrade or downsize, finding a home that balances your needs and budget is key. We have options priced for just about every homebuyer and are happy to help find the one that suits you. We are also happy to direct you to our preferred lender, loanDepot, to find what you qualify for and specific lender programs that can assist with your purchase.

New lifestyle

Our communities are selected and built to maximize your lifestyle. Whether you've picked up a new hobby or simply need to downsize in retirement, we have the solution for you. Living in an area that reflects your personality is a key contributor to your happiness, and it matters to us deeply!

A new home for all of this and more

Priorities move and shift consistently throughout your life and your home should reflect that. Our team of new homes specialists is here to help with your new home search regardless of your specific wants or needs. If you have something in mind for your move or are just getting started, we invite you to reach out to Kendra by calling 970-632-6385 today!