Mar 9, 2023

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Home | Women's Edition

A History of Modern New Home Innovations by Women

Learn about the inventions women have created to improve modern homes.

What makes a house a home? Is it fresh, home-cooked meals with family and friends? The safety and security a home provides? Or the zen of soaking in a warm bath after a long day? If these questions have you saying yes, then you have a woman to thank. So many of our household staples that make a house more comfortable and secure were invented by women! 

1. Electric Refrigerator

Florence Parpart submitted a patent for the first electric fridge which circulated water to keep food cold, improving food storage efficiency. 

2. Dishwasher

Josephine Cochrane designed and constructed the first successful automatic dishwasher. Her invention was the first to use water pressure instead of scrubbers. 

3. Home Security System

Marie Van Brittan Brown invented a video home security system with microphones so that she could see and communicate with whoever came to her door without having to open it. Her husband worked nights and she was often home alone.

4. WIFI 

Can you even imagine a home without WIFI? Hedy Lamarr, also known as a Hollywood actress, filed a patent for frequency-hopping technology which was the foundation for what we know today as WIFI, Bluetooth, and GPS.  

5. Electric Hot Water Heater

A hot bath was once not such a simple luxury. Ida R. Forbes designed the first electric hot water heater that could heat water to a specific temperature. 

Over the years, women have played a substantial part in making a house a home. Happy Women's History Month!