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Jason Sherrill
Office: 970-460-0567 x103
Cell: 720-938-8090
Michelle Marison
Director of Design/Marketing
Office: 970-460-0567 x110
Cell: 970-310-5220
Angela Kleine
Design/Marketing Manager
Office: 970-460-0567 x112
Ainsley Tellier
Design/Marketing Coordinator
Office: 970-460-0567 x132
Tori Gentry
Design/Marketing Assistant
Office: 970-460-0567 x122
Kelsi Adams
Customer Experience / Marketing Coordinator
Office: 970-460-0567 x120
Jeremy Johnson
Listing Agent
Cell: 970 313-6166
Tamara Sherrill
Listing Agent
Cell: 970 371-9241‬
Rahul Majumdar
Office: 970-460-0567 x104
David Wood
Director of Finance
Office: 970-460-0567 x113
Curtis Alexander
Office: 970-460-0567 x108
Tracy Parker
Office: 970-460-0567 x109
Chris Beabout
Development Coordinator
Office: 970-460-0567 x114
Judy Cano
Office Administrator
Office: 970-460-0567 x102
Landmark Homes

6341 Fairgrounds Avenue, Suite 100
Windsor, CO 80550
(970) 460-0567

Jon Mosier
Office: 970-460-0567 x101
Cell: 720-938-8092
Chris Douglass
Director of SF Construction
Office: 970-460-0567 x105
Cell: 970-567-9231
Mallory Richards
SF Design & Construction Coordinator
Office: 970-460-0567 x131
Cell: 970-405-8865
Steve Groble
Director of AF Construction
Office: 970-460-0567 x106
Cell: 970-294-6786
Sherry Kincaid
Director of Purchasing
Office: 970-460-0567 x107
Lisa Chesrown
Purchasing Agent
Office: 970-460-0567 x111
Ben Madrick
Construction Coordinator
Office: 970-460-0567 x115
Bob Brex
Senior Superintendent
Cell: 970-567-3141
Pat Aronson
Cell: 970-388-3779
Justin Gilkey
Assistant Superintendent
Cell: 970-388-3077
Wiley Depew
Senior Superintendent
Cell: 970-833-0125
Luke Patrick
Assistant Superintendent
Cell: 970-294-6652
Johnny Oatman
Construction Assistant
Kyle Heustis
Cell: 970-388-1080
Shawn Lear
Senior Superintendent
Cell: 970-388-2979
Aaron Butler
Assistant Superintendent
Cell: 970-388-2953
Mike Tinkle
Assistant Superintendent
Cell: 970-388-3555
Wes Drake
Assistant Superintendent
Cell: 970-388-0966
Zach Wright
Assistant Superintendent
Cell: 970-833-8141
Gus Lopez
Cell: 970-833-8208
Matthew Earl
Construction Assistant
John Andrashko
Cell: 970-833-9460
Quinn McConnellogue
Assistant Superintendent
Cell: 970-388-2855
Glen Haith
Construction Assistant
Cell: 970-388-6832
Tim DeWeese
Director of Warranty
Cell: 970-888-0666
Corey Larsen
Warranty Assistant
Cell: 970-388-1766
Dan Matheson
Warranty Assistant
Cell: 970-388-3477